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Tissue Collection Kit

User Instructions

Your kit contains a storage solution that is intended to preserve samples at ambient conditions.  Wash with water if solution comes into contact with skin or eyes.  Storage solution has an expiration date of 365 days from date of purchase.  Save pre-paid box for sample submission.  Follow instructions below for best results.



Use scissors to collect a tissue sample from easily accessible fin.  Sample should be roughly half the size of a penny (0.5X0.5 in).                                           

Place sample in vial and record vial number on data sheet.


Tightly cap vial and shake so that tissue is submerged in solution.


Place vial in box and move to next fish.


When complete with sample collection, place box into original shipping container.  Peal the strip and seal the box closed.  Drop box at any FedEx location.  Shipping has been pre-paid.  If not shipping immediately, keep lid open and store in a cool dry place until ready for shipment.

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