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Revolutionizing the Bass Fishing Experience

Our Products

Titan Series Offerings

Titan Bass®, the flagship product from Red Hills Fishery, sets the standard for exceptional largemouth bass genetics, delivering unparalleled traits for the sportfish industry. As we look ahead, TitanMaxx™ is on the horizon, promising to integrate genetic markers associated with fish over 8 lbs, providing an advanced solution for those seeking impressive results in their fisheries management efforts

Custom Fisheries Management

We understand that pond owners have diverse objectives and regional considerations, which is why we offer three distinct Largemouth bass strains: Florida, northern, and hybrid F1 bass. These options allow pond owners across different regions to tailor their fisheries management to meet specific goals, whether it's trophy bass, fast growth, or population control.

Tagging Services

Our fish tagging services encompass a diverse array of methods, including PIT tags, Floy tags, Microwire tags, VIE tags, and genetics tags through parentage. Our commitment to advanced tagging techniques enables the angler to collect comprehensive data on fish populations, contributing to more effective fisheries management.

Genetic Testing Services

Coming soon

Striving for Genetic Conservation in Bass Fishing

At Red Hills Fishery, our commitment to bass fishing is not only about genetics management; it's a dedication to the preservation of this cherished sport and the ecosystems it depends on. Through our genetics research, we contribute valuable knowledge to fisheries conservation, ensuring that our efforts enhance bass fishing experiences while safeguarding aquatic biodiversity for future generations.

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