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Titan Maxx™ marks a significant milestone in largemouth bass genetics. Our comprehensive investigation, analyzing millions of genomic markers, has uncovered natural genetic indicators that predict the potential of Florida bass to reach trophy size. This game-changing technology is aimed at providing anglers with valuable insights to manage for larger fish and implement sustainable fishing practices, ultimately reshaping the future of sportfishing.



The Titan Bass® line represents our commitment to genetic excellence in fisheries. Developed through precision pedigreed breeding, this line includes Florida, Northern, and Hybrid bass, providing anglers with a diverse array of fish options. We maintain the highest standards of broodstock purity and diversity, meticulously choosing individuals with the highest growth potential. With each new generation, Titan Bass® continues to elevate the benchmark for our fish products. Our bass are available in various sizes and can be adapted to different aquatic environments, with options for both feed-trained and pond-reared fish.


Our pedigreed breeding program produces first-generation hybrid bass, often referred to as "F1" bass, by combining Florida females and Northern males. These hybrids offer a blend of genetic traits, including good potential for growth, trophy sizes, and aggression. Hybrid bass are a versatile choice for anglers seeking a unique fish that thrives in most regions.


Northern Strain Largemouth bass, sometimes referred to as "native bass," are primarily indigenous to regions outside of the southeastern United States. While normally found in cooler climates, they have demonstrated good growth characteristics throughout the US. Northern strain Largemouth bass are known for their energetic strikes, making them suitable for anglers seeking action-packed fishing experiences.

To optimize your pond's performance, it's essential to assess its conditions. Our trusted partners specialize in practical stocking recommendations based on your pond size and objectives, enhancing your fishing experience. 


Florida Strain Largemouth bass are renowned for their capacity to reach trophy sizes. Native to the southeastern United States, particularly Florida, they have evolved in response to the subtropical environment. Their universal popularity has prompted their introduction into waters worldwide, with anglers eagerly seeking the chance to challenge their skills against these prized trophy fish.


We provide innovative solutions that can advance your lake management practices.



Our fish tagging services encompass a diverse array of methods, including PIT tags, Floy tags, Microwire tags, VIE tags, and genetic tags through parentage. Our commitment to advanced tagging techniques enables the angler to collect comprehensive data on fish populations, contributing to more effective fisheries management.


Coming Soon: Prepare to redefine Largemouth Bass (LMB) population management. Our analyses, empowered by our proprietary SNP panel, distinguish between Largemouth Bass strains, assess genetic diversity, and will unveil trophy and growth potential. This insightful analysis represents a step forward in bass genetics, bridging the worlds of science, conservation, and sportfishing practices, revolutionizing the understanding and management of Largemouth populations.

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